Pink & Blue Run Raises More than $2,500 for Charity

GLCC raised more than $3,000 for three local charities during the inaugural Pink & Blue Run at Charlie Vettiner Park Aug. 19.

All payments from schools have not been received, but once all payments have been made, a projected $2,844 will be donated to Kids Cancer Alliance, a local non-profit improving the lives of children living with cancer. GLCC also projects at $250 donation made to Family Scholar House and Dare to Care’s Kids Cafe.

As for the racing, Carter Elementary School’s Caden Cull won the elementary boys’ mile. The fifth-grader ran 6:18.50. Third-grader MillGolighty of Norton won the elementary girls’ mile in 7:26.70.

Anchorage seventh-grader Noah Leboeuf won the middle school boys’ 2K in 7:52.10. Noe eighth-grader Mia Treinen won the middle school girls’ 2K in 7:59.60.

About 20 high school runners from North Oldham, Whitefield Academy and Louisville Home School competed in a practice 3K.

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