One More Day!


GLCC Shirt DesignOur timer sent rosters out on the listerve and I’ve attached them here also. Please review these rosters and send changes or corrections to
It is vital that your rosters on your team page on Milesplit are up to date and accurate. Our timer downloaded your entire roster and assigned a number to every athlete, regardless if they will run in the series or not. This way, limited changes will be needed throughout the series. If there are still athletes on your roster who are no longer on your team or have moved on to another school or grade level, please remove them.
We will delay the start of Monday’s meet until 5:30. After that, we will do a rolling start, starting the next race as soon as the previous finishes, so have your kids on the line. The time schedule on milesplit is tentative.
The Heat
It will be hot Monday, with heat indexes around 95. We will monitor this closely. If the heat index onsite reaches 100, we will shut things down and delay until it falls. Also, there is no water on site at Charlie Vettiner Park. Be sure to have plenty of ice and water for your team. We will have some bottled water, but not enough for every runner. We will also have a medical tent near the finish line.
Athlete Numbers
We intended to use bibs, but as of now, 1800 runners are listed. I don’t expect that many once rosters are cleaned up and not all will run in the series, but we did not order bib numbers that high, so we will use hand numbers this week. Comp numbers will be sent out in the morning. Ensure all athletes have a number on their right hand before their race. Do not give one child’s number to another.
Changes and Corrections
Please e-mail changes to our timer ASAP. Once racing starts, no additions or changes can be made. Also, we will not be able to accommodate a large number of changes right before the races.
No Packets
We will not distribute packets this week since we will not use bibs. We will have copies of rosters at the T-shirt sales tent, along with copies of maps for coaches who need them. I am also attaching maps again.
Please place your tents inside the fenced area, so runners don’t have to continuously enter and exit through our gate.
To keep races balanced, please run your athletes in the appropriate age-group race.
Remind parents that admission is $5 for everyone over 12. We will have a $15 family cap. Remind parents that this series is free to teams and is paid for through the admission fee.
Remind parents to park in the field to the right as they enter the park. We will have people directing them. Also, no one should park on Mary Dell RD and walk into the park.
No Awards until last Race
Remind runners and parents that awards will be given out at the last race of the series, not each individual race. All participants will receive medals. The Top 10 will receive additional awards.
Results, in addition to be posted on milesplit, will appear on and key info, pics, results, will appear on
Food Truck
Red Top Gourmet Hot Dogs will be on site handling food.
We are looking forward to a great series!

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